Anovia Forged Wheels

Welcome to Anovia Forged. Whether you're looking for perfect specs to fit your widebody car or just want to have a truly custom set of forged wheels, we've got you covered. Anovia Forged offers three-piece forged designs that are available in multiple configurations with nearly unlimited options for customization.

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bronze anovia wheels on a grey ferrari f430

Design Options

The best part about getting a set of Anovia Forged wheels is that you get to build them exactly how you want them. Dial-in your build with touches of your own personality in every wheel.

Forged Anovia Elder Wheel

Anovia Elder

Forged Anovia Night Wheel

Anovia Night

Forged Anovia Kinetic Wheel

Anovia Kinetic

Forged Anovia Titan Wheel

Anovia Titan

Forged Anovia Carrier Wheel

Anovia Carrier

ArtFormed Technology

We took the same ArtFormed technology we used in our monoblock wheels and applied it to Anovia Forged

Bronze Forged Anovia Wheel Being Balanced


This includes saving as much weight as possible with the help of backpad milling and pocketing of the spokes. This removes as much material as possible from the wheels, all while maintaining the strength and load rating required for performance applications.

Grey Ferrari F430 on Anovia Forged Wheels Drifting in the Desert


We don't cut corners. We know that you care about the components put on your car as much as the car itself. All Anovia Forged wheels meet all VIA and JWL certifications to ensure that our wheels perform as well as they look.

Bronze Anovia Wheel with a yellow Ferrari caliper behind

Brake Clearance

Our monoblock wheels were designed to clear the biggest brakes possible. This includes both large OEM brakes as well as most aftermarket upgrades. Anovia Forged is no different. We will ensure that your new set of wheels will be able to clear whatever brake setup your car is running.

Wheels going through the forging process


Most of these benefits wouldn't be possible without the type of material that Anovia Forged uses. We utilize aerospace-grade T6 6061 Forged Aluminum to create every set of Anovia Forged wheels.

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