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Anovia wheels are designed in-house by our very own team of enthusiasts. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are crucial parts of every ANOVIA design. We understand that a new set of wheels is a big deal and that the entire process should be an experience. Whether it’s installing the aluminum center caps, or even just opening up the packaging. Every ANOVIA design is made for the true enthusiast.

Showcased deco directional wheel

Directional Design

Directional design done the right way. For years, directional wheels have been designed incorrectly, without proper movement on both sides of the vehicle. The key focus of Deco Directional is to make both sides of the car uniform when the wheels are turning. Since Anovia wheels are directionally designed, we’re able to create multiple blueprints for each wheel design. Every Anovia model has a left and ride side model that allows the wheels to always be turning the same direction. This gives enthusiasts the ability to eliminate wheels turning in opposite directions, and offers a true mirrored wheel design that compliments each side of the vehicle.

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Anovia wheel laid down showing its concave design


With concave designs, Anovia wheels bring a new level of depth to wheel design while creating enough space to fit OE and aftermarket big brake kits. These design elements allow you to get the look, feel, and strength of a forged wheel without sacrificing presence. Combining the concave look with our Deco Directional styling creates a form completely unique to Anovia wheels.

Anovia engraved aluminum center cap

Billet Aluminum Center Cap

The small details are what differentiates an average design from a masterpiece. Every Anovia center cap is crafted with billet aluminum giving it a solid, weighted feeling with perfect fitment and integration into every Anovia design. Every center cap comes individually packaged for each Anovia wheel, allowing you to add the finishing touch.

Unboxed package


Unboxing wheels is no longer a task, but an occasion. From the unique pink and blue colorway to the magnetically closed center cap box, the level of detail in Anovia’s high pressure packaging cannot be found anywhere else. Our box designs evoke the enthusiast passion that our company was founded on. Welcome to an unboxing experience unlike any other.